Character: The Gold Bug

Level 1

Thinking about investing in gold or precious metals

Level 2

Actively learning about investing in precious metals

Level 3

Bought first physical gold

Level 4

Owns physical gold and silver and/or other precious metals

Level 5

Owns 1oz of physical gold

Level 6

Owns 2oz of physical gold

Level 7

Owns 10oz of physical gold

Level 8

Owns >$100,000 of precious metals in multiple locations

Level 9

Owns enough precious metals to pay for all monthly expenses if needed

Level 10

Gold / Precious Metals Educator - actively spreading knowledge to the community

Character Description:

The Gold Bug is a character that seeks to preserve wealth. Physical gold is an inflation hedge, meaning it will protect your wealth. Gold has established itself as a store of value for thousands of years. It retains its value as fiat currency (aka government issued currency, or cash) is printed into oblivion.

Physical gold is part of a well-diversified portfolio.