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The OBL Journey in a Nutshell


Download the PDF file here and start your financial freedom journey:

Daily Requirement: Invest in yourself first – your health and your knowledge. Invest in your financial education EVERYDAY through books, podcasts, YouTube, blogs, and websites.


□ 1. Identify your fuel and desire. Why do you want to start this journey? Print it or put it in your phone & look at it every day.


□ 2. Define where you are & where you want to be. Put it in a timeline.


□ 3. Reduce expenses by getting rid of everything that does not really have meaning to you nor make you happy.


□ 4. Pay off all high interest debt (>7%) first.


□ 5. Save 3-12 months of emergency savings.


□ 6. Pay off low interest debt that you are not comfortable having.

□ 7. Start a business and/or keep your job:


Option A:  Start a business or side hustle that you are passionate about with the goal of it becoming your primary income stream

Option B: Continue working for a job that you already love

Option C: Continue working for a job that you don’t really like, since you will have to for now

Option D: A combination of the above


□ 8. Set up your foundation by investing for monthly cashflow. This is money coming in every month, which should take up only a minimal amount of your time. The goal is to eventually use this as a baseline to pay for all your lifestyle expenses.


Option A: Dividend paying stocks

Option B: Real estate – buy and hold rental properties

Option C: both


□ 9. Set up your time machine

Invest in well-researched, undervalued, individual assets with strong fundamentals that will grow within 1-10 years


Option A: Individual growth stocks

Option B: Undervalued speculative assets

Option C: Cryptocurrency

Option D: Your own business that you are passionate about

Option E: All of the above


□ 10. Balance your time machine and your foundation. Reallocate assets from your time machine to your foundation as you grow and/or as preferred. As your monthly cashflow increases, more options will open:


Option A: Continue working on a job that you love

Option B: Invest more time in your business that you love

Option C: Consider working part time

Option D: Quit your job that you don’t really like and find a job that you love

Option E: Quit altogether and let your assets pay for everything

Download the #OBLjourney Facebook Banner here:

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