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MOON BOY 1st Ed.

We are super excited to announce the official release of Moon Boy on 12/21/2021!!! Synopsis:

Avery Walker was an average man with an average life—until the Timestealer took everything from him. As the super-powered Moon Boy, Avery has the chance to go back in time and win his life back…if he can. Series: Moon Boy

Issue: 1 of 1

Version: 1st edition - physical comic book

Total Print Volume: 100x physical copies

Pages: 76

Release Date: Dec 21, 2021

Publisher: One Blue Land

1. Will come with the NFT! Send us a screenshot of your receipt and ETH address and we will airdrop it to you. Email us at

2. Will come with a blockchain-based certification of authenticity that is encrypted and securely recorded on the world's most popular blockchain, Bitcoin.

3. If you purchase the physical comics first, it will come with the NFT.*

4. If you purchase the NFT first, it will still come with the physical comics.

5. For more info, see

*Pending reasonable gas prices

Full story will be free to read on 12/21/2021 at

For collectors, PRE-ORDER the physical comics + NFT here: 1st Edition (100 copies to ever exist)

Limited Edition (2000 copies to ever exist)

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