Are the comic books free to read online?

Yes! All One Blue Land comic books ever produced are made free to read digitally online. We believe that financial freedom content should be free for all...and entertaining when possible :)

For collectors who want to own a physical copy:


How many physical prints are there per comic book issue?
Each issue will have 2100 physical copies (2000x limited + 100x 1st editions)

How many Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will be available?

Each issue will have 100x NFTs

Why 2100?

You probably already guessed it already! It's modeled after Bitcoin's 21,000,000 capped supply!


If there are only 2100 printed comic books per issue, how do you verify authenticity?
Each comic book will have its own individual certificate of authenticity. Upon creation, this certificate of authenticity will come with the printed comic book as well as transferred to you via the email you provide. This data is encrypted and securely recorded on the world's most popular blockchain, Bitcoin. Ownership will be transferred to you upon purchase. Your information will not be public, but the transfer of ownership will be recorded in the blockchain. This ensures that you have the 100% authentic copy.

Do you have more information on the certificate of authenticity process?
For more information, please visit Verisart's website at