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Captain Bitcoin Comics Movie Premiere

"CAPTAIN BITCOIN" Comics Issue #1 premiering on the One Blue Land YouTube channel 5/22/2021 at 7PM. Tonight is the night!!!! It's been almost an entire year in the making and everything that I have learned so far has come down to this one moment...and it's only the beginning.

Shoutout to the AMAZING writers, artists, letterer, and voice actor that made this possible:

Synposis: Recently turned 30-year-old Cal Peterson always knew that there was more to life than being buried in debt and working his mundane "9 to 5" job. Time seems to be passing by so quickly and yet, he feels...stuck. He struggles to get out of the rat race until one day, he meets a mysterious individual who goes by the name of "Satoshi"...

For those coming into Decentraland, you can grab your proof of attendance tokens and we'll chill and chat after!


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