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First off, THANK YOU everyone for your support! We are passionate about these stories and the lessons instilled in them. We hope that it continues to reach and inspire others. To celebrate our 2100 follower milestone in Instagram, we have FOUR huge announcements to make! What’s so significant about 2100? It’s because its the number of copies per issue to ever exist: Statistics 100x 1st Editions 2000x Limited Editions TOTAL: 2100 NFT & Physical Tokens per issue It’s our mission to spread the word of financial freedom through comics so digital versions are always FREE to read via:

Instagram YouTube But for collectors and fans that would like a physical copy and/or an NFT, read on... Announcements: #1 All Limited Edition NFT holders as of 8/31/2021 will be airdropped the 1st edition equivalent! CONGRATS TO THE Lim Ed NFT HOLDERS! *Note: Airdrop is for those that purchased the LE editions via opensea/rarible #2 All Limited Edition NFT owners will now receive the physical token as well! This is on a first come first serve basis and while supplies last, since the physical comics are still for sale individually without the NFT. If you are an Lim Ed NFT holder, DM us your ETH address. Once we verify, we will give you a code to get the physical comics for free at #3 ALL 1st edition comic NFTs are now available for sale starting at 0.1 ETH EACH. They all come with the physical tokens We will continue to do giveaways of any remaining 1st editions during OBL events until supply runs out. As always, there will only be 100x 1st eds per comic book issue to ever exist. #4 To celebrate the launch of “MOON RISING” on 9/21/2021, 21 copies of the 1st edition NFT with the physical token will be given out for free to the OBL community! Details to follow.

A special SHOUTOUT and THANK YOU to @SEIYA_ for an EPIC scene in preparation for the 9/21/2021 release date, ,


On a last note...we only live one life and we should have the ability to enjoy it to the fullest with those that we love. Financial freedom for all. -One Blue Land

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