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NFT Friday - Podcast with BitmonkeyTV

Had an amazing night with Scott & Marcelo. I am usually a visual storyteller and this was way out of my comfort zone and one of my first podcasts. But I felt the good vibes throughout :). Shoutout to Jeremy from @wannabeaveefriend for having me on my first livestream and to @Br0k3n for giving me that push into connecting with these super cool guys! Let's do thisssss. -Austin _______________ In this episode of BitmonkeyTV, Scott & Marcelo host a special guest, Austin; He is the founder, director & producer of One Blue Land. A very thoughtful NFT project focused on financial education in the form of amazing art, community and valuable/entertaining comics. And when we say amazing art we mean AMAZING. He just launched a few months ago, so we wanted to spotlight such an incredible, up and coming project. We look forward to future talks with Austin and be sure to watch all the way to the end for something special! Make sure to comment below ;)

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