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WINNERS: Captain Bitcoin Manga NFT + Physical Token

Congrats to the winners!!!!!!!!! (See below)

We are absolutely BLOWN AWAY with the almost 500 people that showed up in Decentraland and grabbed that "POAP" corn to watch the movie !! Not too long ago when we launched back in May, our 1st event had 50 people, then 100, then 150, now 500! This is unreal! We are so thankful for your support and this growing community. Very happy that people are enjoying the comics! And guess what... it's only beginning

Also, MAJOR announcement once we break 2100 followers in Instagram. Hint: If you've been following us, you know we LOVE that number 2100! lol


1. For instructions on how to claim, please send us a DM! Via twitter @oneblueland or IG @onebluelandx or 2. Decentraland winners: we will simply transfer the NFT to your wallet. To claim the physical tokens, see instructions on

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