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One Blue Land - Year 2021 Highlights

As the year comes to a close, we wanted to give a BIG shout-out and thank you to...YOU! The response we got from the community about the stories, lessons, and characters ignites our passion to create even more! This project is only 2 steps in on a 1000-mile journey and we are SUPERRR excited for 2022.

In Hindsight... here are the highlights of OBL Comics for year 2021:

Reading Your Reactions These are the BEST parts of our day.

Making Dreams Come True It's an absolute honor to help realize a dream. Thank you for letting us take part, Shane!

Published 4 Comic Book NFTs with Physicals 1. "Captain Bitcoin" launched back in May 2021 and became the first NFT comics with a physical version (blockchain-registered on 5/12/2021 12:28:19 UTC).

The story marks the premiere issue No. 1 of 8 of the Satoshi Series.

2. "Captain Bitcoin" simultaneously launched with a Manga version, complete with its own unique style and artwork for the entire story. 3. "Moon Rising" - the 2nd issue - successfully launched back in Sep 21, 2021 4. "Moon Boy" - our latest release featuring an entirely new 76-page storyline - successfully launched in Dec 21, 2021

Hosted 9 Movie Nights in the Metaverse

With each launch, we hosted a total of 9 movie nights in Decentraland. We had an absolutely BLAST hosting the galleries which features a large screen movie theater at the center, which livestreamed the animated comics. Next level social distancing lol!

POAP corns were given to each attendee :)

Released 4 Animated Versions of the Comics One of the most exciting parts of the year was seeing everyone's reaction to the animated versions of the comics. These stories were brought to life by the AMAZING voice actors, narrators, and animators!

The first CGC-graded One Blue Land Comics Lastly, there was no better holiday present than seeing the very first CGC-graded copies of Captain Bitcoin. The digital and physical worlds continue to merge...

Thank you to YOU and to all the amazing artists and writers that are building the stories of One Blue Land. We can't wait for 2022!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR all!

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