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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

"MOON RISING" Comics Issue #2 of the Satoshi Series will officially be released on 9/21/2021. The Decentraland comics gallery and movie premiere will start at 7pm EST. The movie will be streamed via the Decentraland scene and YouTube. To celebrate the launch, we will be doing a giveaway of the 1st edition copies (21 out of the 100x supply)! Details below.

Shoutout to the AMAZING writers, artists, letterer, and voice actors that made this possible:

Aaliceh (Voice of Tsukiko) -


In a world where a looming inflation monster is getting stronger by the day, teenage twins Tsukiko (“Moon”) and Rai (“Lightning”) find themselves experimenting with day trading. As their wealth significantly grows at this very young age, they also realize that they have special…abilities. They took advantage of this power and were headed down the wrong path, until they meet a mysterious individual who goes by the name of “Satoshi”…

Giveaway: For this giveaway, there will be a total of 21 prizes...that's right TWENTY ONE! 21x Moon Rising - 1st Edition Comics (out of the 100x total supply) All NFTs will come with their corresponding physical token. Each of these will count as one separate entry. You can increase your chance by completing multiple entries:

Entry 1 - Decentraland - Grab a POAP (aka "proof of attendance protocol" token) and you are automatically entered for the giveaway. Entry 2 - YouTube - Simply comment on the livestream chat or on the video itself. Entry 3 - Instagram - Comment on the post on 9/14/2021. See image below for reference.

Entry 4 - Twitter - Retweet the post on 9/14/2021. See image below for reference. Entry 5 - Discord - Join the discord - first 100 members are automatically entered for the giveaway.

Date: September 21, 2021 11PM UTC – 1AM UTC

Location: Decentraland (-46, 39) - OBL Comics

Realm: loki

Grab your “POAP” corn* in Decentraland and watch the movie.

Hang out and chill :) *The more POAP corns you own, the higher your chance to win!

Showtimes: 11:00 PM UTC - (7:00PM EST) 11:30 PM UTC - (7:30PM EST)

12:00 AM UTC - (8:00PM EST)

12:30 AM UTC - (8:30PM EST) See you guys then!!! -Austin

Rules and Winners Announcement: 1. All 21 winners will be announced via OBL social media accounts before Sept 26, 2021 11PM EST

2. Gas fees will be waived! Yay lol! 3. If you are one of the announced winners, simply DM your Ethereum address via IG @onebluelandx / Twitter @oneblueland or to @howslifeaustin#7962 via discord ( and we will transfer the NFT to your wallet. 4. The 1st edition NFT will contain the private code to claim the physical token. View the code via Rarible and enter the code on

5. Domestic shipping will be free (U.S.). Shipping fee will be reimbursed.

6. International shipping will not be free, sorry! However, you can choose to combine with future orders to save on shipping!

7. Any unclaimed prizes 7 days from announcement will automatically be forfeited!

FAQ: What is the OBL official NFT contract address?


This is where the NFTs are created from Rarible via ERC-1155 OBL contract.

What is the OBL official wallet address?


This is the official profile of One Blue Land.

The official OBL OpenSea Collection:

The official OBL Rarible Collection: Store:

Total Supply:

(Per issue to ever exist)

1st Edition NFT: 100x

1st Edition Physical: 100x

Limited Edition NFT: 2000x

Limited Edition Physical: 2000x

Total = 2100 NFTs & 2100 physical comics

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