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One Blue Land: NFT Project

Welcome to One Blue Land! Get ready to see the world of finance & freedom through a lens that you've never seen before...comics.

315x Character NFTs

100x 1st Edition NFTs per issue + physical token

2000x Limited Edition NFTs per issue

ERC-1155 tokens with access

Limited Edition NFT (2000x):

Downloadable PDF File of comics

Eligible for exclusive 1 of 1 NFT art drops

Access to exclusive discord “Limited Ed Owners”

Sneak peek of comics

Eligible to win a CGC-graded comic

Higher chance of winning a 1st Ed NFT

MANY more unlockable content

1st Edition NFT (100x):

All perks of limited edition NFT plus:

Comes with the physical copy of the 1st ed comic book

Access to exclusive discord channel “1st Ed Owners”

Access to the “Director’s Private Discord group”

Eligible to be immortalized in the comic book itself!

Character NFTs (21x per character):

Currently at 15 characters, so 15x21 = 315 character NFTs

All perks of the limited edition NFT plus:

Access to the “Director’s Private Discord group”

Much MUCH higher chance of winning a 1st Edition NFT giveaway

Guaranteed recipient of future holographic character-specific 1 of 1 #NFT art drops

Exclusive character-specific unlockable content

Eligible to be immortalized in the comic book itself!

Eligible for obtaining “THE COMPLETE SET” of 1st edition NFT + physical #comics once they are all released.

MANY more future NFT access TBD!

Join the community:

#NFTcommunity #financialfreedom #comics #Decentraland _________________________________________ Nostalgia is a powerful force. We can all relate to our childhood super heroes. The stories we have read and the lessons we have learned growing up has affected us more than we think. The world of finance, on the other hand, is underrepresented (to the masses anyway). It is often presented to us as dry and boring, and so we naturally gravitate away from it...until we get older and are slapped with reality - buried with debt and struggling to climb out of it... There is a path in life that has been normalized and carved out for us. But that is not the only choice. There is no question that there is a significant lack of financial education in society. There are only a few fundamental key lessons in finance that we should be aware about growing up, yet people live all their lives not learning any of them... OBL comics aims to solve this. By creating a new genre that should have hit the bookshelves a very long time ago...the genre of financial freedom. The chapters we read (as much as it should be entertaining) should also help us create our very own chapters in life, a life of freedom.

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